June Special

June Special

常规价格 $100.00
单价  单价 

*June Special*

We are offering 2 pairs of sunglasses lens for just $100! It's true. $100 not $1000. 
Get yourself 2 new pairs of tinted lens for your 2 new set of frames or your exisiting frames that need replacement. 
Redeemable on both prescribed or non-prescribed lens (you can choose) but there will be an additional charge if you require a higher index lens. The default index is 1.56
You can purchase the coupon to use it for yourself and for others.
Just make sure that the original purchaser comes in to store to redeem.
Also bring in your proof of purchase.
The coupon is up for sale for this month only so get in quick!
Coupon is valid for 1 year from the date of purchase. 

2쌍의 선글라스 렌즈를 $100로 해드립니다..!

처방 또는 일반 선글라스 렌즈로 사용 가능하며

더 높은 굴절률의 렌즈가 필요한 경우 추가 요금이 부과됩니다. 기본 렌즈는 1.56 입니다. 

쿠폰은 이번달만 진행되오니 서두르세요!

쿠폰 유효기간은 구매일로부터 1년입니다. 

Lens tint options:


Dark green

Dark Brown


The lenses include:

  • 1.57 Index (thickness of the lens - standard)
  • UV Protective Coating (UV400)
  • Anti-Reflective Coating
  • Multi-Hard Lens Coating (higher optical clarity)  
  • EMI coating (acts as a shield from the electromagnetic waves)


*Higher index lenses will have an additional cost

*Please read the T&C specified in the product image 

이미지에 나와있는 이용약관을 꼭 참고해주세요..!

Should you wish to redeem it online you just need to provide us your details and send your frames to the provided postal address and once we have it assembled we will post it back to you. 

If you are needing to purchase the frames as well place an order of your choice of frames along with the coupon and let us know via email. 


Get in touch:

via message or email: contact.dailylook@gmail.com


DailyLook xx