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Pentax - Experience life picture perfect.

Pentax was first formed in 1919 and known for making SLR camera lenses along with their extreme precision in making those optical goods.

Pentax expanded its portfolio of products and began to manufacture lenses for glasses which is in today's world renowned for their design and manufacturing of ophthalmic lenses. Pentax had rapidly became the trusted brand for prescription eyewear enriching the lives and empowering people to see life in high definition to ensure a complete immersion in life's precious moments.


Daily Look's Pick:

Pentax Progressive Essential

-Achieving clear vision in far, intermediate and near distance

-Quick adaptation

-Comfortable fit

-High precision

-Suitable for first-time wearer of progressive lens


Pentax's advance software is capable of simulating real wearing conditions, thus providing more accurate and sharp vision. It also is able to allow users to adapt rapidly to the constantly changing visual response in their surroundings. 

Pentax's key features:

INC - Innocare Coating

Superior coating and ultra-low reflective glare for the ultimate visual comfort. 

HD technology

Designed according to the way the human eye sees images. 
Aberration is corrected more precisely providing clearer and wider field of view.



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