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You can now have your lens made from Essilor -
#1 optic lens manufacturer worldwide.

World-leading & Largest manufacturer of Ophthalmic Lenses 

Essilor restlessly have provided solutions
to correct and protect the visual health of the 7.7 billion people worldwide. 

For more than 170 years of history and experience,
Essilor have been responsible for
improving lives by improving sights
with their outstanding quality of optic lenses.

Essilor is well known for creating the world's first progressive lens -
Varilux, which corrects presbyopia and
allows clearer vision in the near, intermediate and far vision. 


Going to work or going out for the evening?
For function or fashion, indoors or outdoors? 

We change outfits to match the occasion but why not extend that to your glasses?

Different lifestyles require different vision needs.  

Essilor lenses are specifically designed around your everyday needs and lifestyles
to provide you a sharp and clear vision in all occasions. 

Start your journey with Essilor today.



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