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Welcome to Daily Look,

Providing you the ultimate holistic care for your visionary needs.

Find your look with us today.

Welcome to Daily Look

With 30+ years of experience in the Optic Industry, we are here to provide you all the visonary needs from 1:1 eye examination/consultation to crafting prescriptive lens to go with your frame.

You have come to the right place if you are searching for:

Quality frame and lens

Free shipping

Interest in discovering new brands / styles

Lover of sunglasses & glasses

Your one-stop place for all your eye matters.
Start your optical journey with Daily Look.

How To Place Order

Follow the easy 4-steps to ordering your product

  • Step One

    Choose a frame you like. Every single frame comes with a complimentary lenses that is equipped with the following features:


    1.57 index (worth $80)

    Anti-reflective coating


    UV-filtered (worth $210)

    Multi-hard coating (for optical clarity)


    *Online exclusive offer*

  • Step Two

    Enter your prescription details. If you do not require a prescription lens, select the option "no prescription".

  • Step Three

    You can upgrade your lens to premium line instead of the basic lens that comes with the frame.
    You have the option to choose from ESSILOR or PENTAX.

    Please note:

    Pentax is only available for progressive lens or changing index (lens thickness).

    You'll find more options with ESSILOR designed to meet different lifestyles.

  • Step Four

    Add it to the cart and proceed to your payment. We will receive your order and will be fulfilled accordingly.

    If you have further inquiries email us via contact.dailylook@gmail.com

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