O!Tree - World's First Cork-made

  • Best Quality

    All the products we sell at Daily Look are made with the highest quality.

    Materials to craft the frames and lenses come from Korea, Japan, Italy and Germany.

    By selecting the utmost quality and materials we can confidently promote our products to our customers, promising them the best product possible.

  • Best Price

    You'll find that Daily Look has the best price when comparing the same quality products from other brands or opticians.

    We'll always beat them by price and the quality service we provide.

  • Free Delivery

    Wherever you are in New Zealand regardless of the purchase amount we will offer a free shipping on all products that needs to be carried out.

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We provide 1:1 consultation and eye examination in store. With 30+ years of professional experience in the industry, we are here to cater to all your visionary needs.

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